smarttimes 2015 : Roadtrip to Budapest (EN)

French version : HERE

During our last meeting, the roadtrip (13 cars from now) was planed and organized from a timing point of view. The smart factory team roadtrip will be as described below (details like restaurants will be available later)

Hambach to BudapestRoadtrip planning from Thursday August 27th 2015:

  • 06h30 : Meeting point at entry 1 (Hambach-France)
  • 06h45 : Dispatch of last informations (and accessories if necessary )
  • 07h00 : Star from factory
  • 07h15 : Border crossing at Güdingen (Germany)
  • 09h30 : Pause and refuel at Heilbronn
  • 10h00 : Restart from Heilbronn
  • 13h30 : Pause and refuel at Deggendorf (looking for a place to lunch)
  • 14h30 : Restart from Deggendorf
  • 15h15 : Border crossing at Suben (Austria)
  • 17h45 : Pause, refuel and dinner at Perchtoldsdorf (Neusiedler See)
  • 17h55 : Border crossing at Mikloshami UT (Hungary)
  • 21h15 : Roadtrip Finish at Hősök tere Budapest,  (Hungary)

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